# biton Web client


# Re-build the Internet, together!

# The Internet potluck

Connect directly with your friends and explore a network of communities from around the world.

# Locally sourced ingredients

A community garden for collectively growing content and services.

# A taste of Internet freedom

biton doesn't share food with nosy neighbors or data-greedy bullies.

# Is biton anonymous? - NOT YET!

If you need to hide your identity, biton is not ready for that just yet. Instead, take a look at Tor and I2P for anonymous browsing, or at Freenet for anonymous publishing.

# The juicy details

biton is a peer-to-peer network built around swarms — groups of peers that store encrypted files and relay requests through one another. biton swarms interconnect in a global network that provides some degree of plausible deniability, meaning that adversaries cannot be sure about who originally made a request. In this way, biton can be used for evading information controls and for building community networks around local data and services.

# Come along and BYOb (*Bring Your Own biton)

Make the network stronger by running a relay, contributing to the project, building biton applications, and volunteering to your local community kitchen.

# License

BSD 3-Clause

PGP: 567E 168D 9FE7 6EFA 6784 B977 010F F6C7 E9B4 F3BD

Last Updated: 6/11/2020, 12:10:42 AM